Infusion SF 35ZZ BK (6MIL)

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VLT:  35%
IRR ( 950nm ):  95%
IRR( 1400nm ):  100%
UVR:  99%
SHGC:  0.15
TSER:  70%
All pictures are for illustration purposes only. Please take note that there may be variance of ± 5% in actual product.

Our Safety & Security Films are not just thicker in the sense of polyester films applied but also thicker than the usual adhesive applied on a thinner films. With our stronger polyester strength and polyester with lower haze value. The adhesives that we’re applying are stronger in comparison with the adhesive available in the market for safety and security films by having higher solidity content and bonding strength.

Therefore, in the act of vandalism, accidents and even nature’s disaster such as typhoon, our safety and security films functions to withstand the impact and strongly adhere to the glass. Hence protecting our lives and valuables from the unwelcome surprises.

The product box packaging might differ from picture. All pictures are just for illustration purposes. Colour of the products might have slightly difference.

Please take note that there may be variance of ± 5% in actual product. 

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