Infusion PRO 0200 N3

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VLT:  2%
IRR ( 950nm ):  100%
IRR( 1400nm ):  100%
UVR:  100%
SHGC:  0.02
TSER:  88%
All pictures are for illustration purposes only. Please take note that there may be variance of ± 5% in actual product.

Totalgard Infusion Pro series neutral appearance, low reflectivity and excellent weather ability of a sputtered metal such as Nickel with high moisture permeability not achieved by any other sputtered metals. The film is produced using proprietary techniques to create a porous structure of corrosion resistant metal. The porous structure allows for much higher water permeability thus the film dries 20 times faster than other corrosion resistant materials such as nickel or Inconel.

In the example on the right, the permeability of 35% Totalgard Infusion Pro based product is 18.4 g/m2×day which is over 20 times higher as compared to that of conventional 35% Nickel based product that measured 0.81 g/m2×day. High permeability ensures quick drying upon installation which allows this metal to stand out among other sputtered products making it a component of choice for high quality au tomotive, architectural and safety window films. Excellent durability and resistance to both oxidation and hydrolysis paired with an attractive, natural appearance and moderate reflectivity allows infusion Pro to be used for both interior and exterior applications in metal-only as well as hybrid constructions.

The product box packaging might differ from picture. All pictures are just for illustration purposes. Colour of the products might have slightly difference.

Please take note that there may be variance of ± 5% in actual product.

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