BL 15 RK (2ply)

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VLT:  13%
IRR ( 950nm ):  90%
IRR( 1400nm ):  94%
UVR:  99%
SHGC:  0.1
TSER:  76%
All pictures are for illustration purposes only. Please take note that there may be variance of ± 5% in actual product.

Totalgard’s Architectural Window Film is a retrofit product designed to enhance the performance of the glass. It is made using fine grade of Polyethylene Teraphthalate which is a known Polyester for the use of window film production due to it’s flexibility and clarity. All the films produced by Totalgard are coated with hard coating to protect the films from minor scratch during the installation and maintenance.

Architectural window films are clear and features a high strength of adhesive use to protect the glass from shattering. We used various of materials on our window films to reduce the glare, heat and visible light transmitted through the glass. The materials are such as metals, inorganic pigments, dyes, and Infrared Rejecting chemicals.

The product box packaging might differ from picture. All pictures are just for illustration purposes. Colour of the products might have slightly difference.

Please take note that there may be variance of ± 5% in actual product. 

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