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VLT:  53%
IRR ( 950nm ):  76%
IRR( 1400nm ):  83%
UVR:  100%
SHGC:  0.38
TSER:  56%
All pictures are for illustration purposes only. Please take not that there may be variance of ± 5% in actual product.

Totalgard’s TG Ceramic Plus incorporates innovative technology that allows both inorganic pigments and ceramic such as the blend of Cesium and Tungsten Oxide to create high heat rejection window film meanwhile providing low haze and glare compared to the conventional heat rejection chemicals. We use special milling technology to reduce the ceramic size to merely 10nm on average particle size, which contributes to low haze on the final product of window films. Not only this, to further enhance the clarity of the films, we use only the finest grade of PET films from PET Films makers such as “Toray” from Japan.

The product box packaging might differ from picture. All pictures are just for illustration purposes. Colour of the products might have slightly difference.

Please take note that there may be variance of ± 5% in actual product.

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