Our Story

Totalgard is a well known window films manufacturer in Malaysia. The window film products provided by us are propitious for commercial, automotive and residential applications. We are identified for our apical standard of customer service. Window film supplied at Totalgard Manufacturing are manufactured from top-notch quality polyesters which fits the demand of our customers worldwide.

Our Services

As a world leading window film manufacturer.

We provide solutions and services for the commercial and residential sector, where experiencing heat through windows is a common occurrence every day. We have experienced installers that are able to install window films from residential to high rise buildings. We also install window films for various corporates as well, from banks to shop lots.

We are able to supply to any car manufacturer with ease as we have many years of expertise, specialized installation methods and precise film cutting machinery. As of currently, we have installed over more than 1,000,000 cars directly at the car manufacturers’ venue and the numbers are still growing. With a manpower of more than 300 installers, we are able to cope with the high quantity of cars supplied by the car manufacturers.

Window film manufacturing is our core business as of today. Evolving from a perspective of a window film distributor and international supplier, we understand the needs of the market around the world. Today, we have researched and developed the best way to preserve the performance of a window film by embedding various heat rejecting nano-ceramic materials into the PET base film itself via polymerization process. Also, by having a world class coating and lamination line, we are able to produce quality stable window film for our customers.



Manufacturers are the experts in their own products. We understand every detail and feature of our products so we are in a prime position to provide the best advice to a customer wanting to make a purchase


Bespoke designs, expert service, lower prices, better deals on warranties and custom-made products to suit your exact needs. We stock a larger range of products than retailers.


Cutting out the “middle man”, such as wholesalers and retailers who buy at a low price but add their own mark-ups, purchase from us is a good way to avoid those extra expenses.